BMW 5 series F10 2011 - HID Xenon Lights Conversion Kit - H7

BMW 5 series F10 2011 - HID Xenon Lights Conversion Kit - H7

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BMW 5 series F10 2011 onwards - HID Xenon Lights Conversion Kit - H7

  • Advanced Can-Bus ballast technology to eliminate bulb failure and ECU conflicts
  • No need for additional components and harnesses (in 99% of cases)
  • Plug & Play Installation
  • Up to 300% more light compared to a standard bulb
  • Use the latest digital technology
  • Are designed to withstand more voltage fluctuations
  • Shock Proof! Water Proof!
  • 2 year warranty

Compatible with the latest smart Canbus systems, such as in Audi, BMW, Mercedes and other modern cars.

The Ultimate Kit is light years ahead of the competition and all our knowledge and tricks are programmed into the special microprocessor inside the digital ballast. No bulb Alarms, No shutting down, No interference and No damage to the car!

This kit is made with the highest quality components. Intelligently developed with advanced HID technology, our new Ultimate Canbus-Pro Kit is the ultimate Canbus HID conversion kit to date.

Having tested numerous kits on various modern cars, uniquely, Ultimate Canbus-Pro is one of the only HID kits tested that works computer error free on 99% of cars.

With built in micro-processors, the Ultimate Canbus-Pro boasts the most advanced, sophisticated ballasts that are compatible with the latest smart canbus systems

Superior to most other HID kits, the xenon light produced from a Canbus-Pro kit is very impressive, assembled with powerful burners the light output is extremely bright & effective. Where most others fail, Ultimate Canbus-Pro kits offer a reliable and smart choice for your xenon lighting needs.

The Ultimate Canbus Pro kit is a Quality HID conversion kit that will not damage any of the cars electronic systems due to its unique soft start and it will fool the cars on board computer to overcome the pre-programmed anti-HID conversion settings made by the manufacturers. The quality of the kit speaks for itself with quality matching OEM factory fitted HID Xenon.

Due to the market leading nature of these conversion kits, 99% of vehicles do not need any additional components. For the few that do, those components are supplied free of charge complete with plug and play connectors for ease of installation

Produced to the highest possible standards, the kit includes the latest robust electronic ballasts, which are heat, water, dust, age resistant as well as being vibration tested.

Additionally, the quality of the wiring is excellent adopting high insulation for safety and longer life. More importantly, they are CE approved so meet the high standards that are required for use in the UK and European markets. – HID Kit Benefits :

  • Standard Kelvin colours reproduce the colour spectrum of daylight exactly
  • 3 times the improved visibility at night & bad weather
  • Great choice for people suffering from bad night vision
  • Reflects road markings and signs better than any conventional halogen lights
  • Enables drivers to concentrate better on the roads, less eye fatigue
  • Increases reaction time to better visibility with its added contrast to the road
  • Super bright 3600 Lumens compared to standard stock halogen bulbs
  • 35% less power consumption compare to halogen bulbs
  • Directly replaces all OEM/stock HID bulbs of domestic & imported vehicles
  • Simple & quick, Plug & Play Installation
  • Extra long life expectancy: Over 3000 hours of bulb life
  • This kit can last the entire life or your vehicle once installed.
  • NO ERROR market shown on the dash for newer car applications
  • E-Mark and TUV ISO 9001-2000 certified
  • 100% waterproof and 100% dustproof. Resistant to heat and aging, as well as vibration tested.
  • Luxury look, you know you're guilty of this one; nothing beats that nice HID look.


- 2 Bulbs
- 2 Ballasts
- 2 Wiring & Connectors
- Mounting Hardware


Name BMW 5 series F10 2011 - HID Xenon Lights Conversion Kit - H7