Can Bus HID Warning Canceller (Pair)

Can Bus HID Warning Canceller (Pair)
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CanBus HID Warning Canceller/Decoder

The answer to non working HID Kits

If you have just fitted your aftermarket HID kit only to find once you turn it on with the car running they will flicker and turn off almost straight away, usually followed with a warning on the dash. Then these will solve the problem!!

Why does it happen?

Most cars from mid to late 90's onwards have a bulb monitor system that is checking the wattage on the bulb system so as to alert to a blown bulb. Because HID lights usually use less power than a normal bulb (only 35w compared to 55w) then the bulb system thinks that the bulb has blown and usually shuts down the circuit to protect it, and puts the warning on the dash.

Do these actually work?

We use these every day on our own kits and other aftermarket kits, and have fitted them to virtually every car so far, without any problem, including Audi BMW and Mercedes (all renowned for giving problems with aftermarket HID's)

Also our HID Canceller prevents Light Warning on dashboard for most vehicles: BMW E39 (5 series), E46 (after 2001), E60 (5 series), E65 (7 series), Mini, New Mercedes CLK, CLS and many other vehicles.

Can Bus compatible with most cars

Note: Not suitable for BMW E90 and E87. For these vehicles please check our Ultimate Can Bus Pro HID Xenon kits.

Are they hard to fit?

They simply fit inline to the fitting between the power lead going to the ballast, fittings are the same as all modern ballasts, so you simply unplug the existing lead and plug the lead into the canceller and plug the canceller lead into the ballast

Completely safe and protected circuits will not harm the kit or the vehicle


Name Can Bus HID Warning Canceller (Pair)