Xenon HID Kits

Xenon HID light kits are classified of different types such as HID kit H1, HID kit H4, HID kit H7, etc., are available in various beam and bulb configurations. The four basic categories of xenon HID light kits based on this criteria are single beam, hi-lo, telescopic and bi-xenon xenon HID light kits. Single beam xenon HID light kits use only a single xenon HID bulb in each headlight, the other being the traditional bulb. HID kit H1 and HID kit H7 belong to this category. Hi-lo xenon HID light kits provide both the xenon HID bulb as well as the halogen bulb within the kit itself. HID kit H4-2 is an example of this kind of xenon HID light kits. Telescopic xenon HID light kits give the entire range from low to high beam with a single bulb. HID kit H4-3 is a telescopic type of xenon HID light kit. Bi-xenon xenon HID light kits have 2 pairs of xenon HID bulbs, with both low beam and high beam using HID xenon lights, HID ballasts and HID conversion kits.

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